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Password Management

Passwords expire every 45 days.  Please do the following to avoid getting locked out:

1. It is advisable to change your password at the end of every month.
2. DO NOT let your password expire.
3. If we you are going on a break, change your password before you leave your site.
4. Enroll in the SSRPM for Staff (Self Service Reset Password Management) so you can unlock your account using a different device.
If your password expires and you are off campus, there is a big possibility you may not be able to login even if you change your password.  You will need to bring your device to ISET to enforce the change. 



Your students are now using Individual Student Logons (ISL).  Please have them manage their own passwords by doing ANY of the following:  

1.  On the lock screen of ANY device, click "Forgot my password".  Students enter their ID number, the answer to the security question they set up, and then reset their password, OR
2.  Go on the school website from any device (or their cellphones), go to the Student tab and click on SSRPM for Students.

We would  like to encourage the students to manage their own passwords so we can teach them accountability and responsibility and help them acquire 21st century  learning skills.