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Registration is now open for the Thursday August 6th Buy-back day.

Follow the link below to register.

BBD Flyer


Registration is now open for the Friday August 7, 2020 Preservice Day.

Follow the link below to register.

Preservice Day Flyer

Need help registering? Contact Shorei Butler at ext. 1550


Below is the 2019-2020 LCAP (Local Control and Accountability Plan).  This document identifies TUSD Goals and actions that are planned for the next three years (2017-2018 through 2019-2020), and the estimated costs anticipated for each action.  The district must demonstrate growth in student achievement as measured by the mandated metrics through the implementation of strategic actions and related expenditures.  This is an integral part of the TUSD annual budget and the Local Control Funding Formula.

2019-20 Approved LCAP.pdf

2019-20 Approved LCAP Spanish.pdf

spoof alert

What Is Email Spoofing?

Email spoofing is when someone sends an email with a forged sender address. Typically, the sender’s name or email address and the body of the message are changed to mimic a legitimate source such as a bank, newspaper, or company. They can also mimic messages from friends and family. By pretending to be someone the victim trusts, the scammer directs their victim to a fake website that collects their personal information (a process known as phishing).

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Ransomware is a form of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their systems, either by locking the system screen or by locking the users’ files unless a “ransom” is paid.  Ransomware occurs when a user visits malicious or compromised websites or unintentionally downloads files from websites with advertisements.  This includes opening links from spammed emails or replying to spammed emails. 

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